Spectroscopy applications

Spectroscopy is a technique that allows for the qualification and quantification of a range of chemical signatures. Chromacity is leading the way in stand-off detection and FTIR techniques both in gas analysis and powder spectroscopy.

FTIR/stand-off detection spectroscopy

The Chromacity OPO can be integrated into an FTIR spectrometer, providing the ability to interrogate multiple chemical signatures in real time (at a high resolution). Our near-IR OPO has a broad bandwidth across the 3µm-3.5µm to quantify gases such as of methane, ethane and benzene in a single measurement with resolutions of 0.05cm-1.


The high powers of the near-IR OPO have demonstrated open-path stand-off detection measurements beyond 100m.

Mid-IR ‘fingerprint’ Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy across the fingerprint regime provides that ability to characterise volatile organic compounds with complex chemical signatures. The high brightness of our mid-IR OPO spans the 5-12µm and can be used in a number of spectroscopy set-ups.


It can also been used to characterise and differentiate between compounds, such as VX and Sarin, as well as pharmaceutical powders such as aspirin and ibuprofen

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