Chromacity & Scientifica join forces

Chromacity has announced a product partnership with Scientifica, a leading supplier of laboratory equipment. The agreement means that Chromacity’s lasers are now offered as a light source option in Scientifica’s range of microscopy solutions.

With operations in the UK and the USA, Scientifica designs, manufactures and supplies microscopes to the research community worldwide. The company now offers its customers the option to use a Chromacity laser, particularly for multiphoton microscopy – a powerful technique used to image structures deep within thick samples, making it perfect for in vitro and in vivo imaging.

Christian Wilms, R&D Manager at Scientifica, said: “Life scientists using multiphoton microscopy in their research are always striving to look deeper into living tissue. The recent introduction of longer wavelength fluorescent markers has paved the way towards such deeper imaging, by allowing researchers to use longer wavelength excitation lasers which penetrate deeper into biological tissue without causing damage to those tissues. The high beam quality, ultrafast pulses and high average power levels delivered by Chromacity’s lasers provide high excitation powers in the wavelength range ideal for red shifted fluorescent markers, making it particularly suitable for such applications.”

Modern research practices like multiphoton microscopy often make use of expensive tunable solid state lasers, which often fail to generate consistent powers and can distort the quality of the data and the image being acquired. Costing an order of magnitude less than tunable solutions, Chromacity provides a range of air-cooled ultrafast ytterbium fiber-based lasers, operating at fixed wavelengths and combining high power with very short pulse widths to generate clear, high-resolution images.

Shahida Imani, Chromacity CEO, said: “We are delighted to partner with a cutting-edge equipment provider like Scientifica, whose global customers can now benefit from the high power, reliability and competitive price point of our lasers. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues at Scientifica to deliver microscopy solutions that will help push the next breakthrough in scientific research.”

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