Bertrand Frossard

New commercial appointments strengthen position during pandemic

Chromacity has announced new commercial appointments and adapted to COVID-19 travel restrictions by rolling out a new remote installation capability.

Bertrand Frossard has been appointed as Chromacity’s International Business Development Manager, bringing more than twenty years’ commercial experience in disruptive technologies and gaining market share for multi-national organisations. Chromacity also welcomed former laser systems engineer, Lawrence Titley, as the new Sales Associate.

Having recently secured funding from Kelvin Capital, EOS and the Scottish Investment Bank, Chromacity is well-positioned for its next phase of expansion into international and industrial markets.

Shahida Imani, CEO, said: “It was great to receive strong support from our existing investors during these turbulent times – not to weather the storm, but to expand operations and secure new commercial appointments. We’re now fully focused on accelerating our business over the next few months, to build upon our success to date and maintain our competitive edge.”

Despite the challenges placed on laser manufacturers by COVID-19, Chromacity has continued to acquire new customers in Asia, Europe and North America by introducing a remote installation model for its optical parametric oscillators (OPOs).

“It’s been a challenging year for most companies, but we have successfully managed to adapt,” added Imani. “Our new remote installation capability has enabled us to continue to offer tunable picosecond OPOs, without the need for an engineer to travel with the system and face quarantine restrictions.”

“Installing complex laser systems has typically required an on-site presence from the laser manufacturer, but since COVID-19, we have accelerated the rollout of our remote installation capability and this has proven very successful.”