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These publications and proceedings highlight the Chromacity products and their underlying technology across a range of applications. Please note, you may need a paid subscription to access some of these publications. For more information about a particular topic, contact:






Hollow-Core-Fiber Delivery of Broadband Mid-Infrared Light for Remote Multi-Species Spectroscopy

Kerr Johnson, Pablo Castro-Marin, Carl Farrell, Ian A. Davidson, Gregory T. Jasion, Natalie V. Wheeler, Francesco Poletti, David J. Richardson, and Derryck T. Reid


Near-maximal two-photon entanglement for quantum communications at 2.1 μm

Adetunmise C. Dada, Jędrzej Kaniewski, Corin Gawith, Martin Lavery, Robert H. Hadfield, Daniele Faccio, and Matteo Clerici 


Continuous wavelength tuning from 3.9–12 µm from an optical parametric oscillator based on orientation-patterned GaP grown on GaAs

Peter G. Schunemann, Kerr Johnson, Carl Farrell, Luke Maidment, Yiwen Shi, Marius Rutkauskas, and Derryck T. Reid


High resolution ZrF4-fiber-delivered multi-species infrared spectroscopy

Kerr Johnson, Pablo Castro-Marin, Oguzhan Kara, Carl Farrell, and Derryck T. Reid


Open-path multi-species remote sensing with a broadband optical parametric oscillator

Oguzhan Kara, Frazer Sweeney, Marius Rutkauskas, C. Farrell, C. G. Leburn, and Derryck T. Reid


Two-photon Quantum Interference and Entanglement at 2.1 μm

Shashi Prabhakar, Taylor Shields, Adetunmise C. Dada, Mehdi EbrahimGregor G. Taylor, Dmitry MorozovKleanthis ErotokritouShigehito MikiMasahiro YabunoHirotaka TeraiCorin GawithMichael Kues, Lucia Caspani, Robert H. Hadfield and Matteo Clerici


Experimental observation of gain in a resonantly pumped Pr3+-doped chalcogenide glass mid-infrared fiber amplifier notwithstanding the signal excited-state absorption

Meili Shen, David Furniss, Mark Farries, Dinuka Jayasuriya, Zhuoqi Tang, Lukasz Sojka, Slawomir Sujecki, Trevor M. Benson & Angela B. Seddon. 


Photon counting LIDAR at 2.3µm wavelength with superconducting nanowires

Gregor G. Taylor, Dmitry Morozov, Nathan R. Gemmell, Kleanthis Erotokritou, Shigehito Miki, Hirotaka Terai, and Robert H. Hadfield


White powder identification using broadband coherent light in the molecular fingerprint region

Luke Maidment, Peter G. Schunemann & Derryck Reid


Dual-comb spectroscopy in the spectral fingerprint region using OPGaP optical parametric oscillators,

Oguzhan Kara, Luke Maidment, Tom Gardiner, Peter G. Schunemann & Derryck Reid


Infrared fingerprint-region aerosol spectroscopy

L. Maidment, R. J. Clewes, M. D. Bowditch, C. R. Howle, & Derryck Reid


Time-domain measurements reveal spatial aberrations in a sub-surface two-photon microscope

Rutkauskas, Marius; Reid, Derryck; Garduño-Mejía, Jesus; Rosete-Aguilar, M;


Femtosecond pulses tunable between 5.5–10.4 μm from a 1-μm-pumped OP-GaP optical parametric oscillator

Maidment, Luke; Schunemann, Peter G; Reid, Derryck;


Stand-off identification of aerosols using mid-infrared backscattering Fourier-transform spectroscopy

Maidment, Luke; Zhang, Zhaowei; Howle, Christopher R; Reid, Derryck;


Two-photon laser-assisted device alteration in CMOS integrated circuits using linearly, circularly and radially polarized light

Rutkauskas, Marius; Farrell, Carl; Dorrer, Christophe; Marshall, Kara L; Crawford, Tom; Lundquist, Ted R; Vedagarbha, Praveen; Erington, Kent; Bodoh, Dan; Reid, Derryck;


Molecular fingerprint-region spectroscopy from 5 to 12 μm using an orientation-patterned gallium phosphide optical parametric oscillator

Maidment, Luke; Schunemann, Peter G; Reid, Derryck;


High-resolution subsurface microscopy of CMOS integrated circuits using radially polarized light

Rutkauskas, Marius; Farrell, Carl; Dorrer, Christophe; Marshall, KL; Lundquist, TR; Vedagarbha, Praveen; Reid, Derryck;


High power tunable femtosecond ultraviolet laser source based on an Yb-fiber-laser pumped optical parametric oscillator

Gu, Chenglin; Hu, Minglie; Fan, Jintao; Song, Youjian; Liu, Bowen; Chai, Lu; Wang, Chingyue; Reid, Derryck;


Active FTIR-based stand-off spectroscopy using a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator

Zhang, Zhaowei; Clewes, Rhea J; Howle, Christopher R; Reid, Derryck;


Two-photon laser-assisted device alteration in silicon integrated-circuits

Serrels, Keith A; Erington, Kent; Bodoh, Dan; Farrell, Carl; Leslie, Neel; Lundquist, Theodore R; Vedagarbha, Praveen; Reid, Derryck;


Solid-immersion-lens-enhanced nonlinear frequency-variation mapping of a silicon integrated-circuit

Serrels, Keith A; Farrell, Carl; Lundquist, Ted R; Reid, Derryck; Vedagarbha, Praveen;



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