Chromacity 920

A highly-stable 920 nm femtosecond laser to achieve your two-photon microscopy goals.

This exciting new 920 nm femtosecond laser is the next generation of fiber-based technology which is enhancing multiphoton imaging with higher resolution and faster acquisition at significant depth.


The 920 nm femtosecond laser is ideal for multiphoton excitation (MPE), particularly two-photon excitation of fluorophores and calcium markers (including YFP, GFP, eGFP, GCaMP). 


Chromacity’s range of ultrafast lasers are distinctively quick and simple to install, with an intuitive user-interface to guide ease of operation.


Fiber coupling capability reinforces seamless integration into microscopy set-ups for fundamental research and industrial applications, with maximum optical power transmission and minimal dispersion of the femtosecond pulses.


With the advent of the Chromacity 920 to complement our Chromacity 1040 femtosecond laser, these truly-stable fiber-based systems equip researchers to make new discoveries in biomedical imaging.


Chromacity has a decade of experience in the manufacture and configuration of performance characteristics for ultrashort-pulse lasers to support your multiphoton imaging goals. 


Discover more about the capability of the Chromacity 920 for two-photon microscopy, email:


  • Multiphoton microscopy 
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) microscopy 
  • Light sheet microscopy 
  • Time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy 
  • FLIM 
  • THz generation 
  • Optogenetics 
  • Pump source for nonlinear optics

Technical Data


Output power

>1.1 W


920 nm

Pulse duration

< 100 fs

Pulse energy

12.5 – 20 nJ (Depending on repetition frequency)

Pulse repetition frequency

80 MHz (Configurable at the point of manufacture)

Control interface

Web browser interface. Ethernet & serial port (RS232) also available.





355 mm


180 mm


118 mm

Power Supply

19” 2U rack mount unit

Temporal and Spacial Profiles

Typical temporal profile of pulse

920 nm Laser Beam Profile

TEM00 beam ideal for coupling into a range of microscopes

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