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The Chromacity OPO is our flagship product. We are the first company to offer tunable optical parametric oscillators that cover both the near-IR and mid-IR wavelength regions.


Our near-IR OPO generates light across the 1.4 µm – 4 µm region (7100 cm-1 – 2500 cm-1). Wavelength selection is achieved by translation of a PPLN crystal with varying grating periodicity.


Our mid-IR OPO makes use of a new generation of non-linear crystals which allows the generation of light across the 5 µm – 12 µm region (2000 cm-1 – 1000 cm-1).


Both systems are optically pumped by the Chromacity 1040 HP, which is fully integrated into the optical head to maximise stability and reduce the overall footprint.


Chromacity is the first manufacturer to remotely install ultrafast OPOs. Specialist manufacturing and design processes have enabled Chromacity to build truly robust systems with drop-ship capability and ‘plug & play’ functionality. We’ve achieved more with less. More stability and reliability, using fewer components, and without compromise to performance.

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The Chromacity OPO delivers high power, broad band coherent light.


The near-IR OPO generates few-picoseconds pulse durations which doesn’t require long hours in set up time. Our laser source does not require water cooling and comes with a simple user interface, making it one of the easiest laser sources to operate.


For spectroscopy applications and CARS microscopy, there is often a need to tune to several specific wavelengths. The ability to generate light at these longer infrared wavelengths is key to detecting a wide range of solids, liquids, gases. Being able to generate instantaneous broadband light across the 3 – 4 µm wavelength region lends itself to being able to identify and quantify a large number of hydrocarbons using techniques such as FTIR spectroscopy. The same is also true across the 5 – 12 µm fingerprint region where more complex chemical signatures can be readily identified.



With a wealth of expertise in OPO, non-linear optics and optical fiber delivery, the Chromacity team are able to consider a wide range of options to help meet your requirements. If you have a specific request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Vibrational spectroscopy
  • FTIR/stand-off techniques
  • Multi-species gas analysis
  • Telecoms / quantum research
  • Materials characteristics
  • Explosive detection

Technical Data



Signal Wavelength

1.4 µm –1.8 µm

Signal Power

Up to 850 mW (@ 1.5 µm) and > 350 mW across the range

Idler Wavelength

2.4 µm – 4 µm

Pump Source

Fully integrated Chromacity 1040 pump laser

Repetition Frequency

100 MHz

Control interface

Web browser interface. Ethernet & serial port (RS232) also available.


Air cooled


Length: Near IR Laser Head | Control Unit

814 | 483 mm

Width: Near IR Laser Head | Control Unit

255 | 285 mm

Height: Near IR Laser Head | Control Unit

86 | 86 mm



Output Wavelength

Output within 5-12 µm available (2000 cm-1 –833 cm-1)

Output Power

Up to 100 mW at 5 – 7 µm and up to 20 mW at 12 µm

Crystal Specifications

Crystals with different central wavelengths available.

Pump Source

Fully integrated Chromacity 1040 pump laser

Repetition Frequency

100 MHz

Control interface

Web browser interface. Ethernet & serial port (RS232) also available.


Air cooled


Length: Mid IR Laser Head | Control Unit

970 | 485 mm

Width: Mid IR Laser Head | Control Unit

245 | 285 mm

Height: Mid IR Laser Head | Control Unit

86 | 86 mm

Customer Feedback

“I just wanted to thank you from our entire team. You’ve played a big role here at Bridgewater State University and now we can’t wait to make the best of your one of a kind OPO system for sensing and imaging in our new integrated-photonics training facility”.

– Prof. of Physics, Laser Lab, Bridgewater State University

“Using the online conference on Zoom, our research group completed the installation, startup, and characterization of the Chromacity OPO in our laboratory under the remote guidance of engineers in the UK. The high integration and easy operation of the OPO system make remote installation possible, which overcomes the trouble caused by Covid-19. At the same time, the OPO provides high output power and a wide output spectrum, which gives us an excellent light source for the material characterization using second harmonic generation (SHG) and other nonlinear optical effects. It is worth mentioning that in the process of equipment installation and usage, Chromacity provides detailed and effective solutions to the technical problems we encounter, and is a reliable research partner.”

– Northwestern Polytechnical University


“I acquired one of the first Chromacity optical parametric oscillator (OPO) systems  in 2015 to enable my work on infrared superconducting single-photon detectors with the QuantIC quantum technology hub.  This source provides picosecond pulses from 1 to 4 micrometre wavelength with a fiber coupled output.  We have built a unique single photon detector characterization setup based around the OPO.  This has enabled us to carry out robust characterisation of photon counting performance in the challenging infrared region and proof-of-concept photon counting LIDAR experiments. Chromacity Ltd have provided excellent close support, assisting with installation in our new lab and responding promptly to technical enquiries. Chromacity Ltd is a very valuable partner for our research effort”.

– Prof. of Photonics, University of Glasgow

‘The engineering team helped us by understanding our specification and delivering an OPO system with a customised fiber coupling module. The software for controlling the OPO was also modified for our requirements. The team have been highly responsive with all of our enquiries and the remote installation worked perfectly. We had the system up and running and ready to use in our experiments in no time at all.”

– Bristol University

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