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How does the Chromacity 1040 compare with the Ti:Sapphire?

We’ve developed and patented efficient laser architecture which equips the Chromacity 1040 with performance characteristics that surpass the Ti:sapphire.


Our unique design processes have been expertly manufactured into a robust, reliable and cost-effective laser source for a range of non-linear imaging applications.


Applying broad tunability to excite several fluorescent probes meant the Ti:sapphire was typically the default system of choice for the multiphoton imaging community.


However, fixed wavelength sources (particularly within the 920 – 1040 nm region) offer an alternative for two-photon and second harmonic imaging, to rival tunability with higher and more stable average powers, whilst still delivering sub-150 fs pulse durations.


Our manufacturing expertise and intellectual property separate us from other ultrafast laser manufacturers. We’ve developed the Chromacity 1040 as a fixed wavelength femtosecond source which is more affordable than the Ti:sapphire, but without compromise on performance.


It’s simply built different.

The efficiency of our lasing process within our novel fiber-based architecture, allows us to deliver more power (up to 4 W). Our systems can also be set up to operate across a wide range of pulse repetition frequencies (factory set between 50 MHz – 200 MHz), unlike Ti:sapphire based systems.


Our highly efficient laser architecture does not generate high thermal loads, thus avoiding the need for water-cooling, and occupies less space on the optical bench than a Ti:sapphire system – this ensures your environmental goals remain on track.


The Chromacity 1040 integrates seamlessly into microscopy set-ups and because the intracavity beam is confined within a robust fiber, the system is inherently less prone to misalignment when compared against free-space cavities.


Optical alignment is an onerous step, and often the first point of failure during installation of the Ti:sapphire.


We’ve replaced complexity with simplicity.


With minimal set-up required, the Chromacity 1040 is operationally ready straight out of the box. This means less time troubleshooting legacy systems and more time driving scientific advances which make a positive impact upon society.


For more information about the Chromacity 1040 view our technical specifications page or email: sales@chromacitylasers.com

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