Two-Photon Imaging Webinar

Two Photon imaging BNA webinar

Topic: Multiphoton imaging using next generation indicators
Recorded: Wed 30th June 2021


Ti:Sapphire systems are widely regarded as the preferred tunable light source for multiphoton imaging, however, they are prohibitively expensive and fall short in sufficient powers for new ultrafast two-photon microscopy modalities.


There is a step-change within the two-photon imaging community to resort to fixed wavelength femtosecond sources (centred around 920 – 1040 nm) which rival the tunability of the Ti:Sapphire, but with higher and more stable average powers.


Dr Manuel Mohr from Stanford University, demonstrates this point during a webinar presentation on jYCaMP: an optimised calcium indicator for two-photon imaging at fiber laser wavelengths. The webinar was co-hosted in association with the British Neuroscience Society (BNA), Scientifica and Chromacity.

Multiphoton imaging using next generation indicators

Discover how the Chromacity 1040 nm femtosecond laser compares with legacy systems like the Ti:Sapphire in relation to cost, reliability and performance.

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