We offer reliable, high performance ultrafast lasers at the low price points in the market. With plug & play functionality and remote installation capability, our fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers and picosecond optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), enable the scientific community and industrial partners to spend less time operating equipment and more time pushing the boundaries of their research.

We have developed a new generation of ultrashort pulse lasers, helping to advance research into multi-photon microscopy, materials characterisation and industrial sensing. Discover more about the broad wavelength coverage of our femtosecond lasers and optical parametric oscillators to meet your research needs.

Lasers for Life Sciences

Laser scanning fluorescence microscopy,
plane illumination microscopy.

Laser Spectroscopy

FTIR, stand-off detection
and open path 
across the near and mid-IR.

Test & Measurement

Semiconductor fault analysis,
of integrated circuits.

Fundamental Research

Spectroscopy, microscopy,
non linear optics, quantum optics.

Industrial Lasers

Microscopy, powder and liquid

spectroscopy, gas analysis

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