SMART Manufacturing

DIT SMART Manufacturing

Virtual Exhibition & Conference
February 5th – 19th 

Chromacity has been selected to showcase their ultrafast lasers at the DIT’s SMART Manufacturing virtual exhibition and conference for Japanese corporations.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) shortlisted Chromacity for their laser and photonics capabilities, along with 25 UK companies, that manufacture innovative technologies which can accelerate the ‘factory of the future’.

Lasers have the potential to enhance manufacturing processes and transform industrial production. Ultrashort pulse lasers can be used in semiconductor failure analysis, during the vital and early stage of production processes. The Chromacity OPO is a picosecond source which can also support FTIR Spectroscopy techniques to detect and quantify chemical signatures in real-time. In the pharmaceutical industry, there is growing interest in this application space to prevent contamination, during manufacturing change outs on the assembly line.

Shahida Imani, CEO, commented: “Japan is a key territory in the strategic growth of Chromacity. Our remote installation capability negates the need for an onsite engineer, which is not only testament to the stability of our systems, but ideal in the current climate of  travel and quarantine restrictions. Whereas this capability has allowed us to continue to operate at full capacity, the DIT virtual conference provides the digital platform we need to network with our Japanese counterparts and keep the conversations going”.

DIT’s SMART Manufacturing virtual exhibition and conference runs between 5th – 19th February, Japanese Standard Time (JST).